November 7, 2018

Boundary Committee Reaches Consensus on Elementary Boundaries

The Boundary Committee reached consensus on elementary boundaries on November 6. This was the final meeting in the process to determine elementary attendance center boundaries effective for the 2019-20 school year and secondary attendance center boundaries effective no later than 2021-22.

Boundary Concept 2 was agreed upon by 100% of the committee as the option that should be recommended to the Board of Education (BOE) on November 26. Attendance areas in this concept were adjusted utilizing the prioritized boundary criteria set by the board on January 23, 2018.

This concept allows for a minimum amount of change to the current attendance areas while creating long-lasting boundaries that will balance capacity and future growth. Vince Meyer Learning Center is also utilized which results in fewer Waukee Elementary School students being moved.

In Boundary Concept 2, attendance areas for Brookview, Eason, Shuler, Maple Grove, Waukee and Woodland Hills Elementary School remain the same.

Elementary Boundary Concept 2 MapĀ 
(The map is not printable or viewable on mobile device due to size)

Feeder Options and Alignment

The Boundary Committee voted to move forward with the two Feeder Option recommendations. The BOE will be asked to consider Feeder Option 1 and Option 3 on November 26. Option 2 was eliminated due to capacity issues that would create programming challenges.

The committee could not come to a consensus on Secondary Building Alignment, so it was determined to not recommend a secondary alignment option to the BOE on November 26. More discussion will need to take place to determine alignment options.

Next Steps

Monday, November 26 – BOE receives committee recommendation of Boundary Concept 2 and Feeder Options 1 and 3.

Monday, December 10 – BOE to approve new attendance areas

RSP Presentation November 6, 2018